Las Vegas Personal Injury Law Firm

Las Vegas Personal Injury Law Firm

Las Vegas Personal Injury Law Firm for the Seriously Injured

Las Vegas Personal Injury Law FirmGoldberg Injury Law is a Las Vegas personal injury law firm. We represent people who have been seriously injured or the families of people who have been killed. We serve victims of hotel and casino injuries, construction accidents, medical negligence, on the job injuries, motor-vehicle accidents, dog bites, dangerous products or conditions and more.

The vast majority of our work involves personal claims for injuries and death as the result of general negligence, professional malpractice, product failure, construction site and auto accident mishaps. The first foundation of our firm is the individual client. We are a firm that has always focused on representing people, rather than banks, corporations, and insurance companies, one person at a time. Indeed, it is our belief that the best “lawyer advertising” is a satisfied client.

How to deal with uninsured and underinsured motorists

You want an attorney who understands the law. And knows how to apply it to help you get the best possible result. As a dedicated, professional Nevada injury lawyer, Katie Goldberg understands the detailed rules and regulations of this area of the law. We’re well-versed in no-fault rules and how to deal with uninsured and underinsured motorists. We know how to navigate these rules for your benefit.

You want to talk about whether it’s even worth it to file a claim. You want answers, not pressure. If you have a serious injury, our first response is to complete a thorough investigation of the accident, even if we don’t yet know whether you have a personal injury claim.

At Goldberg Injury Law, we intentionally keep our caseload small. This gives you personalized service. And devotes whatever legal and financial resources are necessary for you to receive full and fair compensation. We take our responsibility seriously and treat clients like you with the compassion, patience, and understanding you deserve. Every injured person needs easy access to competent and effective legal help.