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“My experience was amazing they really help you and work with you to make sure you get the most out of your experience. I was hit by a car while crossing the street and Katie was absolutely amazing! Thank y’all so much! 💚”

I have a busy life here in Las Vegas & being in an accident isn’t a great combination. Katie was recommended by a friend. She called me right awa & got me the help i needed. She set up my appointments I needed for my injuries. Finding the right Doctor to see & right away would be key to my injuries, since I was in serious pain. Katie & her staff care, helped this painful process. I ended up with a huge settlement!!! I recommend Katie Goldberg to be your personal injury lawyer.

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Katie Goldberg was tremendous in helping me with a car accident. My car was totaled. I was hurt. She was very helpful getting me the physical help I needed for my health as well as making sure I was well taken care of with all the details in taking care of the bills. She worked diligently, checked on me continually, and got me great financial compensation to take care of everything.

Have you suffered an injury from a slip and fall incident? Consult with a Las Vegas lawyer specializing in slip and fall cases to discuss the legal responsibility of property owners. If you have been hurt because of the carelessness of a property owner, you may be entitled to compensation for various losses such as medical expenses, income loss, physical and emotional distress, and other related damages.

Goldberg Injury Law represents individuals who have suffered injuries and may need to demonstrate the negligence of a property owner in Nevada. Have you experienced a slip and fall incident? Speak with a premises liability lawyer in Las Vegas regarding your injury case.

Did a property owner’s negligence lead to your slip and fall? How serious was the accident? Have you filed an incident report? A lawyer can address premises liability legal queries for victims of slip and fall accidents. Businesses and stores are obligated by law to provide safe facilities for customers and guests, as slip and fall injuries commonly occur in these places:

  • Grocery stores
  • Casinos
  • Retail stores and shops
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Rental properties
  • Cruise ships


It is important to take immediate action in the event of a slip and fall accident caused by a property owner’s negligence. If the accident was serious and resulted in significant injuries, it is crucial to seek medical attention and file an incident report as soon as possible. Additionally, it is advisable to consult with a lawyer who specializes in premises liability cases to understand your rights and potential legal options.

Businesses and stores have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their premises for customers and guests. If their negligence resulted in a slip and fall injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Goldberg Injury Law offers free consultations for slip and fall victims, allowing them to discuss their case with an experienced attorney and determine the best course of action. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, do not hesitate to reach out to Goldberg Injury Law for professional legal guidance.

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Negligence, Personal Injury and Premises Liability. A Las Vegas Slip and Fall Accident Law Firm Can Handle All Aspects of Your Legal Claim

Do you have a slip and fall case? Do you sustain serious injuries? You may need a slip and fall accident lawyer. Furthermore, the negligent store or business at fault may be reticent to pay you. They may deny your full claim for damages and compensation for your injuries. You may need to cover medical bills and physical therapy. We step in and handle all aspects of your legal claim. Our personal injury law firm pursues the compensation you deserve. Get an accident attorney who protects the best interests of accident victims throughout litigation.

Premises liability can be applicable in various settings. Places can include retail stores, restaurants, apartment complexes, amusement parks, and public parks. To prove liability, the injured party needs to show that the property owner was aware or should have been aware of dangerous conditions. Then they failed to correct it or warn visitors about it. Moreover, the visitor should have been using the property for its intended purpose. Or the visitor should have been using it within reasonable expectations.

Slip and Fall Injuries – Common Accident in Las Vegas

Say, a restaurant fails to clean up a spill on the floor and a customer slips and falls. The owner could be liable for the resulting injuries. Similarly, there may be an apartment complex which neglected to install adequate lighting or security cameras. Consequently, a tenant gets mugged in the parking lot. Consequently, the owner may be held responsible for not providing adequate safety measures.

How does one pursue an accident claim or premises liability claim? It is important to document the incident by taking photos of the hazardous condition. Report it to the property owner or manager. Seek medical attention as necessary. It is advisable to consult a personal injury attorney. Goldberg Injury Law will evaluate the case at no cost. Get an accident attorney who will negotiate with the insurance company. Or pursue a lawsuit in court.

Overall, premises liability aims to ensure that property owners are accountable for maintaining a safe environment for visitors. Preventable accidents and injuries are just that- preventable.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation. An Experienced Las Vegas Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help

Our experienced slip and fall accident attorney can help you navigate the complex personal injury law legal system. We assist you to pursue the compensation you deserve. You may need to be repaid for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. We are committed to providing personalized, compassionate representation in your accident case. Our slip-and-fall accident attorney services are tailored to your specific needs.

Perhaps you were injured in a parking lot car accident, slip and fall accident, dog bite, walkway mishap or any other type of accident. We are here to help. We will take the time to listen to your story. Then we review the facts of your accident case to determine the best course of action.

Nevada Slip and Fall Accident Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case

Have you experienced a slip and fall accident and suffered physical injuries? It is essential to seek the assistance of an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Las Vegas. A slip and fall lawyer can help you understand your legal rights. You will learn about options. You can get a law firm to handle your slip and fall claim. Contact a Las Vegas slip and fall attorney at Goldberg Injury Law. Obtain the funds to cover your bills.

Your accident may have been caused by the negligence of the property owner. There may have been a failure to maintain safe conditions on the premises. There may have been a failure to warn of potential hazards. In such cases, you could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. Additionally, there may also be pain and suffering.

It is important to contact a injury lawyer who has experience helping injury victims in slip and fall cases. Goldberg Injury Law can navigate the complexities of the legal process. We build a strong case on your behalf. We can assist you in obtaining medical records and testimonies. Do not negotiate with insurance companies on your own. We are here to help you obtain the maximum compensation possible. 

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In short, if you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, contact an experienced lawyer. Do this as soon as possible. Goldberg Injury Law helps you seek justice and recover the damages you are entitled to.

Don’t wait to seek legal help. Contact Goldman Injury Law today. Schedule your free consultation with a lawyer in Las Vegas who takes only accident cases. We are here to fight for your rights and help you get back on your feet.